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5 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Compact Laundry Space [+1 Bonus!]

by Ann Ferguson

Dreading laundry day is something we all do. But when you have a small laundry space, you have to deal with the added stress of not having enough room for your things. Not to mention that growing laundry pile is front and center, looking like a mountain you don’t want to climb.

While none of that sounds good, there’s no need to worry. You can easily transform your laundry space with a few simple organization hacks that’ll leave your laundry room looking pristine. And with every cleaning tool in its place, you’ll feel ready to conquer your chores like a champ!

1. More Storage Please

Man loading machine in laundry space with lots of shelves

The first places to start maximizing are your storage spots. If you already have shelves above your laundry machines, you can make your space more efficient by adding pull-out baskets to organize your laundry essentials. You can also label them so that no one can mess with your organization system. If you don’t like bulky detergent bottles cluttering your space, try decanting them in glass jars for a clean look.

But if you don’t have any shelves or storage components — add some! You can install floating shelves with hooks underneath, add a bookshelf or two, or slide a cart with wheels between your machines. And if you keep all your cleaning supplies in your laundry room, install a pegboard wall to hang all your miscellaneous items and keep your floor space clear!

Pro Tip: Add a shelving system big enough to store your laundry baskets to keep clutter to a minimum or try baskets with caster wheels!

2. Hanging Out to Dry

 Laundry room with clothes hanging from a bar above machines

One of the many drawbacks of a compact laundry room is that you have no space to hang dry your nicer clothes. Yes, you can always try hanging them from whichever rods and handles in the bathroom, but that’s not always efficient.

Instead, you can mount foldable drying racks to the wall of your laundry room. These will easily fold back when not in use, so you avoid head injuries, and you’ll always have a place to dry your clothes. A handy alternative would be to hang an old ladder from the ceiling to hang clothes from or install bars above your laundry machines.

Pro Tip: If you need to iron clothes, try installing a pull-out ironing board so you always have a convenient ironing spot!

3. The Fluff & Fold

Laundry space with built-in counter on top of machines

When it comes to folding the laundry, you’re either one of two people: the type that folds it right away, or the other type that leaves it sitting in the basket for a week (don’t worry; we’ve been there!). But no matter what, you can benefit from adding a folding space in your laundry room.

By installing a countertop over your washer and dryer, you provide a convenient space to fold clothes and help keep wrinkles to a minimum. Not to mention it’ll add some style to your laundry space, too.

4. Space to Fill

Laundry room with bins in undercabinet space

Something that people often overlook in the laundry room is the undercabinet space. If you have open cabinets, you can transform them into a cozy nook for your pets to keep them close by while you do chores. Or you can keep them out of the way when needed. You can also move their cage or box there, so it’s no longer cluttering up your living room.

Don’t have any pets? No worries; you just have more storage space! Try adding crates or wooden boxes for more laundry essentials, or keep a stool handy to reach higher shelves easier. And if you don’t have open undercabinet shelves, you can transform your existing cabinets into sorting bins for your laundry and tuck them out of sight (and smell!).

5. Into the Closet (or Bathroom)

Bathroom with stacked laundry machines in it

Now, if you’re settling into a new home or are thinking of remodeling, you can try moving your laundry area to a more inconspicuous space — the closet! If you have a closet you don’t use, try moving your laundry machines in there. Make sure you have a stackable washer and dryer if the space is too narrow for side-by-side laundry appliances.

Once you have your machines hooked up, you can add extra shelves and rods where you need to organize your space and hang supplies on the back of the door. Other locations you can move your laundry machines into include, the bathroom or your garage (if you have a covered one).

Pro Tip: If your laundry space is part of another room, try partitioning it off with a wall, door, or curtain.

Bonus: Change Up the Machines!

A tried-and-true method of making the most of a small laundry room is changing up which laundry machines you use. A standard side-by-side washer and dryer take up a lot of floor space, but you can change that.

  • Stack Them: If you have front-loading machines you can find a compatible stacking kit to free up floor space.
  • Slim it Down: If standard machines are too bulky, consider a stacked laundry center, which is easy to install. Keep in mind that most feature a top-load washer but some high-efficiency models have an impeller system.
  • Combine Them: If you live in a compact apartment and only have room for one standard machine, consider a washer dryer combo. You can wash and dry your clothes without ever having to move the load.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add even more storage with laundry pedestals and raise your machines!

Ready for an Upgrade?

Utilizing every part of your laundry space is a great way to make laundry day feel less like an impossible chore. But if your washer and dryer aren’t working right, you’ll be back to square one and dreading every laundry day. So don’t wait to upgrade your laundry machines if they’re not performing the way you need — stop by your local today!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our team is happy to help you find the laundry appliances that suit your needs!