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13 Undeniable Brunch Recipes You Must Try [+ Bonus Drink Recipes!]

by Ann Ferguson

The idea of brunch has been around longer than you think — it’s been around since the 19th century! It started as a light afternoon meal after morning church services and wasn’t introduced to the U.S. until the 1930s! Now, brunch is more about lingering over a good meal for a quick energy boost!

You might think brunch is all about French toast, quiche, and treats in miniature, but there’s so much more. And since this month is National Brunch Month, we’ve compiled a list of recipes you can’t believe you’ve never had before!

1. Mexican Breakfast Chilaquiles

Mexican chilaquiles

No matter when you have them, these Mexican breakfast chilaquiles are a delight for your tastebuds. The crunch of the tortilla chips combined with the fresh vegetables, cheese, and dollop of sour cream will surely put a spring in your step! And the best part is that it only takes 20 minutes to make — talk about an easy recipe!

2. Sausage-Stuffed Honey Buns

You might not think sausage and honey buns should go together, but you’d be surprised! This recipe combines caramelized sausage with honey and brown sugar for a hearty meal everyone will rave about! And if you don’t like things that are too sweet, you can opt for spicy sausages to balance the flavors!

3. Shakshuka


If you’re ready to explore new territory, this Tunisian shakshuka recipe is a delight. This recipe involves cooking eggs in a spicy tomato sauce that is surprisingly healthy for you! And you only have to use a single skillet to make it, so it’s incredibly simple to make!

4. Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Gluten-free and vegan to boot? This chocolate chip pancake recipe might seem too good to be tasty, but the nutty flavor of buckwheat flour and the sweetness of coconut and chocolate is hard to deny! Trust us; these will surely be a family favorite in no time!

5. Slow-Cooker Breakfast Burritos

You can cook burritos in a slow cooker? Color us shocked, but this slow-cooker breakfast burrito recipe is worth waiting for. With layers of potatoes, sausage, and cheese, and served with the toppings of your choice, you’ll never return to the frozen kind again!

6. Egg Baguette Bakes

Bread lovers rejoice; this egg baguette bake recipe is the dish you didn’t know you’d been craving! Instead of using a regular casserole pan, this recipe turns the bread into a pan. Each bite is packed with toppings, so no matter what, every person gets a full, tasty serving!

7. Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

Cinnamon pull-apart bread

Every brunch meal needs something sweet, and this cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread is no exception! It doesn’t matter if not everything is the same size when you bake it; it’ll still turn out great with crunchy caramelized cinnamon sugar in every bite!

8. Maple-Glazed Sausage Pops

Doing brunch for several? These maple-glazed sausage pops are sure to be a hit! These sausage pops covered with maple syrup only take 25 minutes to make and yield up to eight servings!

9. Brunch Baked French Toast

French toast is a staple for any brunch, but this baked French toast recipe takes the classic and puts it in the oven! And it only takes 35 minutes to make!

10. Hot Grains Power Bowl

Ingredients for hot grain power bowl

Brunch is full of delicious eats, but they’re not always healthy, but that’s where this hot grains power bowl differs! The multi-grain hot cereal combined with carrots, apricots, almonds, and orange slices is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are great pick-me-up during the day!

11. Air-Fryer Sausage Bacon Bites

Is it really brunch without a little bit of bacon? Nope — and these air-fryer sausage bacon bites agree! Whether you bake them ahead of time or the day of, this appetizer will be a new favorite!

Pro Tip: If you don’t want yet another countertop appliance for your air fryer, you can find a range with air fryer features to make healthier fried food!

12. Sausage-Mushroom Breakfast Pizza

Pizza doesn’t have to be just for dinner; it can be for brunch, too, with this sausage-mushroom breakfast pizza recipe! The eggs and mushroom balance out the sausage, so it doesn’t weigh heavy in your stomach in the early hours. And it only takes about 45 minutes to make!

13. Roasted Vegetable Strata

Strata recipe

You can’t go wrong with a hearty casserole, and this roasted vegetable strata is no exception! The mix of veggies, bread, and eggs will make your taste buds sing! But remember, this recipe requires at least six hours to chill, so plan ahead!

Bonus Drink Recipes!

Brunch and a drink go hand in hand, and these are the ideal complement to any brunching meal!

  • Hazelnut Mocha Frappé: If you’re hankering for your midday caffeine fix, this mocha frappé will surely get your energy levels going!
  • Mimosas: These are traditional brunch drinks you can’t resist!
  • Mint Grapefruit Mimosa: Want something different? These grapefruit mimosas will send your taste buds exploring!
  • Celery Tonic: If it has vegetables, that means it’s healthy, right? (*wink wink*).

Brunch of Champions!

There you have it—brunch recipes that’ll change up your routine for the better and expand your list of go-to favorites! Of course, if you don’t have a fully-working oven or cooktop, these recipes won’t turn out as splendidly as you could. But don’t worry; has a wide variety of in-stock cooking appliances we can ship to you quickly!

And if you have any questions, give us a call!